Q: What is GO FOR BROKE Ride to Beat Depression? 

A. GO FOR BROKE RIDE TO BEAT DEPRESSION is a 180km charity ride in support of Lifeline. The aim of the event is to raise funds and awareness for depression, while challenging yourself to a great ride

Q: When will the Go For Broke Ride to Beat Depression event be held? 

A. 23rd September 2017

Q: Who can participate in the Go For Broke ride? 

A. Whilst all competent cyclists are welcome to enter the event, those who have experience in team riding are highly encouraged due to the peloton style ride, and those who have use to riding 100km or more.

Q: Do I need to be a Member of Cycling Australia to ride? 

A. No. We’d prefer if you where. We’ll be offering Day Licences to riders for the day. You can register here

Q: How do I enter the ride? 

A. Head to the Registration Page, where you will enter your personal and rider details, as well as selecting your jersey size.
Register Here.

Q: How much does it cost to enter the ride? 

A. A registration fee of $175 applies to all riders. This price includes a Go For Broke jersey, as well as all liability and insurance costs associated with the event.

Q: Are there any donation requirements? 

A. Yes. We ask each rider to try and raise $250 which goes directly to Lifeline. After you register, you will be directed to Go Fund Raise where you can set up your Go For Broke donation account.

Q: How can my friends and family help me reach my donation goal? 

A. Direct your friends to your Go For Broke donation account on Go Fund Raise and they can support you by donating any chosen amount. You can both share the donation on your social media platforms, to involve your friends, family and fellow riders in your Go For Broke journey.

Q: Will I receive cycle kit for the day? 

A. When you register for the event, you have the opportunity to select your size for a limited edition Go For Broke Jersey. You also have the choice to select a better grade of race material or purchase the matching Knicks.

Q: What’s the route? 

A. The event kicks off at Berowra Public School in Sydney and finishes in the town of Broke in The Hunter Valley. The 180km course goes through Berowra Waters, Wisemans Ferry, Central Mangrove and Wollombi. There will be 2 ferry crossings, 2000m of vertical climbing and a KOM at the 120km mark.

Q: Can I volunteer at the Go For Broke ride? 

A. Definitely! If you have a family member or friend participating in the ride, or you simply want to be involved in a great event for a great cause, we’d love to have you on board. Simply register your interest here, and we will contact you directly to arrange the most suitable role for you.

Q: How do I get updates on Go For Broke in the lead up to the event? 

A. After you sign up to ride, donate or simply register your interest, we will send you any event updates or details via the email you provided. We will also update the Go For Broke Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Strava pages regularly, so stay posted!

Q: Our Company is interested in sponsorship opportunities for Go for Broke. How do I register our interest? 

A. Because Go For Broke is a charity ride, sponsorship is key to getting the event off the ground, as well as raising much needed funds for Lifeline. Please head to our sponsorship page to register your interest, call us on (02) 9280 2822 or email us at info@goforbroke.org.au today.

Q: How can I get merchandise for Go For Broke? 

A. Want a Go For Broke T-shirt, cap, wristband or more? Register your interest here (hyperlink) or contact us directly on (02) 8218 2137 or at info@goforbroke.org.au and we will be in touch with you about Go for Broke merchandise.

Q: I am happy to help promote the Event, how do I go about getting promotional material? 

A. Please contact us directly on (02) 8218 2137 or email us at info@goforbroke.org.au today if you are interested in promoting Go For Broke Ride to Beat Depression and we will get in touch to talk about promotional opportunities and material.

Q: What happens if it rains? 

A. The event goes ahead Rail, Hail or Shine!

Q: How do I get to the start point in Berowra? 

A. Head to the Ride and Route page for instructions on reaching Berowra Public School. We suggest you either drive and park at the school next to the marshaling area, or hop off the train at Berowra station and follow the map below to Berowra Public School.

start map

Q: What accommodation options are available? 

A. Our friends in Broke are offering discounted accommodation rates to Go For Broke riders and their families throughout the Hunter Valley region.
Head to www.hunterstays.com.au for more details.

Q: Will there be any other events taking place in Broke over the weekend? 

A. Yes! At the finish line in Broke, there will be a town fete with local produce, gifts and more. The fete will be held from 10am till 4pm.
There will be a presentation Dinner on Saturday night at Nightingales Winery. The day after the event, we will be hosting a recovery ride for all interested participants. This will help get the leg juices flowing again.