Sponsors & Partner

thanks to our sponsors

thanks to our sponsors

Our foundation sponsors & event partners have been with us since inception and have exceeded our wildest expectations with their generosity. Without their support and participation Go for Broke would simply not have happened. In our fifth year, even with the impact of COVID-19 we continue to build strong and lasting relationships.

We thank you for sharing our journey and making a real difference to real people in need.

Go for Broke partnered with the City Tattersalls Club as our main event Gold Sponsor in 2019.

Based in Pitt Street Sydney, the club originally started in 1895 and since it’s inception has always had strong involvement in the community. In 2020 COVID-19 has impacted greatly on many of our event partners and we continue to work together through these trying times.

In 2018 a group of riders from the City Tattersalls Cycling Club participated in GFB18. Apart from having a great day many of the values that lie at the heart of Go for Broke are shared with the City Tattersalls Cycling Club; encouraging people to enjoy the benefits of exercise with friends while giving something back to the community. City Tatt’s will be riding with us again.

As Go for Broke enters it’s fifth year we’ve been able to grow our event with people and organisations that share our vision. With our partnership with City Tattersalls Club we have a partner who through their assistance will help us raise awareness and funds for mental health and Lifeline. This year, as social distancing policies relax we hope to have a post GFB20 thank you event at City Tattersalls club.

If you’re looking for a cycle club that promotes inclusion & social riding the City Tattersalls Cycling Club are looking for new members. The club is keen on expanding and invite both men and women to join.

The Club is planning quarterly orientation sessions that will cover everything from basic riding techniques, riding in a peloton, equipment choices, changing tyres, as well as nutrition and hydration. New starters will hone their skills on easy, flat terrain before open rides begin. Even for the more experienced riders, safety is paramount – so the group opts for national parks, where there is reduced traffic, the air is clean and the scenery is peerless.

If you’re keen to know more please contact the City Tattersalls Fitness Club on 02 9287 6459, or via fitness@citytatts.com.au. You can also find them on their Facebook page facebook.com/citytattscycling or contact the Cycling Club President, Chris Naylor who also sits on the GFB20 Committee. Ask him what he thought of GFB18/19. He rode in both.

HWL Ebsworth is not your typical law firm.

For Go for Broke HWL Ebsworth are definitely not the typical law firm as they help GFB in 2020 become a charity with DGR status. This will allow us to grow and raise more funds for mental health and Lifeline.

Despite what many law firm websites say, it can be very difficult to differentiate one firm from another. The more they claim to be different, the more similar they appear to be.

HW Ebsworth are a genuinely different firm. A firm offering exceptional quality legal advice to its commercial and government clients from offices located in every Australian State and Territory. A firm delivering unrivalled value for money as a result of running its business in the same way that its clients do. A firm allowing all team members to reach their potential by rewarding and promoting talent solely on the basis of merit. A firm that is not distracted by overseas ambitions. A firm without a tenured sense of entitlement.

Our rapid rise to become the largest legal partnership in Australia shows that in our case, the differences are real. Let us demonstrate how you can benefit from those differences.

Loop Brands is a collective of strategic design thinkers. A fiercely independent design practice for ambitious clients including entrepreneurs, challenger brands and well established global entities.

With considered positioning and strategy, Loop creates exceptionally beautiful design solutions that deliver effective business outcomes.

Loop Brands’ MD Ed Kirk and Go for Broke President, is a passionate supporter of the work Lifeline do at the front line of mental health services.

loop brands be natural

The better big bank – be part of the Bendigo Bank Community

When you’re a big bank, you have big responsibilities. The biggest of which is to do the right thing. It’s something we’ve always been good at.

In 2020 Bendigo Community Bank Ryde have join GFB. In this year of COVID-19 their support and evolvement is that much more important and thank them greatly.

The origins of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank began more than 160 years ago in two great Australian communities. Bendigo in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. Each started out as building societies, driven to help Australians buy their own home.

One of Australia’s most trusted brands

Servicing 1.8 million customers in over 500 locations Australia-wide

Australia’s 5th biggest retail bank